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Forge relationships with founders, seasoned entrepreneurs, and influential leaders, encompassing top executives in sectors like venture capital, technology, product development, and digital media.

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Elevate your career and broaden your professional connections through our specialized masterclasses and workshops, designed to provide deep industry insights and collaborative opportunities.

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Past Visionaries & Distinguished Speakers

Plug In’s network brings together industry leaders who are dedicated to fostering a brighter future for Black & Brown founders. Their expertise, experience and dedication significantly enrich our community and our programming.

Aaron Samuels
Founder, Collide Capital
Abbey Wemimo
Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Esusu
Adriana Alterman
Director, Salesforce Ventures Impact Fund
Arabian Prince
Founder & CEO, GGGOAT
Charles Hudson
Founder & Managing Partner, Precursor Ventures
Issac Hayes III
Founder & CEO, Fanbase App
Jesse Draper
Founding Partner, Halogen Ventures
Julia Collins
Founder & CEO, Planet FWD
Kameale Terry
Co-Founder & CEO, ChargerHelp!
Kimberly Bryant
Founder & CEO, Ascend Ventures
Kyle Hill
Founder & CEO, Brave Wealth
Lindsey Heisser
Manager, Global Philanthropy, Snap Inc.
Marlon Nichols
Founding Managing Partner, MaC Venture Capital
Melissa Hanna
Co-Founder & CEO, Mahmee
Natalie King
Founder & CEO, Dunamis Charge
Rodney Williams
Co-Founder & CEO, LISNR
Travis Holoway
Co-Founder & CEO, SoLo Funds
Valeria Martinez
Investor, VamosVentures

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